Sweden wants to be fossil free already in 2045 and Hydrogen is, together with 21 other sectors, part of the solution. Sweden has now released its Hydrogen strategy in a well-written report, which is backed by major Swedish companies.

It is clear that a close cooperation between the industry and government is vital. The combined effort of the industry together with proposed policies is the core of the Swedish strategy. This results in the following prioritized proposal for improving the condition for Hydrogen in Sweden:

  1. The right conditions for the electricity system is a key issue for fossil-free hydrogen production
  2. New infrastructure required for hydrogen development throughout the country
  3. Development of regulations and market conditions can increase the pace of fossil-free hydrogen
  4. Several fossil-free hydrogen initiatives in need of financing solutions
  5. Research, development and skills provision are key to long-term sustainability in several hydro- gen value chains

More info about Fossilfritt Sverige.