Welcome at the Netherlands Innovation Network Sweden. Our aim is to promote collaboration between The Netherlands and Sweden.

The Innovation House is a physical meeting place within the Dutch Embassy in Stockholm where the European Innovation Leaders, The Netherlands & Sweden, meet and work together.

Sweden continues to be the EU Innovation Leader, followed by neighbours Finland and Denmark.

Particularly Stockholm has been declared as Europes top innovation region as it scores high in the use of information technologies, human resources and attractive research systems.

On our website, we keep you informed on what is happening in terms of innovation in Sweden as well as concrete initiatives that The Netherlands and Sweden are doing together to solve the biggest challenges of today!

Do you want to visit Stockholm, plan your market entry, write your PhD or hold business meetings in Stockholm? Feel free to use our innovation house. You can fill in a request via the contact form below. Don´t forget to mention the purpose, amount of people, approximate date of arrival and length of your stay!

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