The embassies of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Finland and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), have commissioned a market study on hydrogen in the Nordics carried out by Finnish-based consultancy firm Spinverse. We’re delighted to share that the study has been completed!

The Netherlands and the Nordic countries have a long-lasting history of commercial partnerships, and the advanced technology and infrastructure provides a great opportunity for cooperation where the Netherlands can capitalise on its innovation, import, and human capital advantages.  

Each of the Nordic countries provide different opportunities for Dutch companies. This includes opportunities for Dutch companies that want to enter the Nordic hydrogen market but also for Nordic companies that can contribute to the hydrogen ecosystem in the Netherlands.

The market study describes the opportunities per country, including the market characteristics and industrial policy processes in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden, and provides market entry descriptions. 

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Some general key points from the market study:

  • The Nordics offer a unique opportunity for Dutch companies to collaborate in the development of a sustainable hydrogen economy, thanks to their abundant renewable energy resources and the Nordic countries’ ambitious carbon neutrality goals.
  • The Netherlands and the Nordics can collaborate on technological innovation and knowledge exchange building hydrogen value chains together.
  • The Nordics are expected to have excess green hydrogen production in the coming years. This presents an opportunity for Dutch companies to import green hydrogen and its derivatives from the Nordics, potentially creating a valuable new market for both regions.
  • The Nordics have a stable and long-lasting political environment, which translates into a business-friendly environment that is open, transparent, and conducive to collaboration.
  • Collaboration between Dutch and Nordic companies presents a valuable opportunity to address global challenges, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions and transitioning to sustainable energy sources. This collaboration offers Dutch companies the chance to play a leading role in driving the global shift towards sustainability.
  • Despite the vast potential for green hydrogen production in the Nordics, there are challenges to be overcome (ex. the need for extensive infrastructure development, high production costs and uncertainty of regulation). However, with the right partnerships and strategies in place, these risks can be mitigated and overcome.

Key points for Sweden:

  • The demand in infrastructure, electrolyser components, and research knowledge provide opportunities for Dutch companies in the Swedish hydrogen economy.
  • Dutch knowledge on gas and pipeline technology as well as new distribution alternatives can be beneficial for Sweden. Although there is currently no electrolyser production in Sweden, it is considered the preferred method for hydrogen production in the future.
  • Dutch electrolyser producers and electrolyser component manufacturers have opportunities in Sweden.
  • Sweden aims to understand new market needs and extensive research knowledge in the Netherlands could help creating new business models for hydrogen.
  • The Swedish hydrogen value chain presents promising prospects for export and collaboration with Dutch companies. 
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Webinar on the market study

On Tuesday June 27, the results of the webinar were presented during a webinar. During the webinar, the opportunities for Dutch companies in the Nordics and where the Nordic countries can contribute to the hydrogen ecosystem in the Netherlands were discussed, followed by a Q&A-session. 


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