Recently AI Sweden has launched the Swedish AI Ethics Lab with the aim of helping to move AI ethics in Sweden from abstract guidelines to practical application.

The lab’s main purpose is to provide guidance and support in implementing ethics in AI development, and will be piloted during the course of 2021. Over time, a growing library of AI ethics use cases will provide private businesses, public organizations and policy makers in Sweden with a tangible go-to source for how to approach – or not approach – their own projects. 

End May 2021 the AI Ethics Lab held a first first meeting, which resulted in five strategic insights that will help guide future efforts in supporting the implementation of ethical AI. The focus for the AI Ethics Lab discussions was not on how ethical issues are or should be regulated, but on which ethical aspects and additional perspectives should be considered in the implementation of the AI solution. 

The five main insights from this first round of discussions are:

  • Purpose is fundamental but not everything
  • A multidisciplinary approach is needed
  • There is a knowledge gap between management and developers
  • Getting the AI developing community on board is key
  • Both short-term and long-term timelines are needed

Read more about these five insights of AI Sweden’s Ethics Lab here

Source: AI Sweden
Featured image by: Unsplash. Credits: Adithya Wardhana