This week, on behalf of Quantum Delta, IA Sweden visited Aalto University and VTT – the Finnish counterpart of the Dutch research and innovation institute TNO- to discuss developments in quantum technology in Finland.

Earlier this year, Aalto University, University of Helsinki and VTT jointly founded “InsituteQ: The Finnish Quantum Institue” to engage in further collaboration in the field of quantum science and technology. InsituteQ brings together expertise in research, education and innovation to further boost Finland’s leading position in quantum technology.

During our visit Jukka Pekola, physics professor at Aalto University and acting director of InstituteQ pointed out that the goals of the institute are threefold: ‘firstly, to coordinate our national research efforts; secondly, to provide the best possible education, both in graduate and industrial programs; and thirdly, in driving innovation’.

Dr. Himadri Majumdar, Manager of Quantum Programmes at VTT, added during our meeting with VTT that there is already a strong ecosystem for quantum technology. The new institute should guide the development of current infrastructure, and have a role in generating new pathways and projects for quantum technologies. He pointed out that currently experts and new talent are is scarce: “the development of the field is clearly hindered by shortage of experts, that’s why it is important to organise national education within an institute like InstituteQ”.

IA Sweden looks back on a fruitful visit with successful first conversations.

Source: Innovation Network Sweden, VTT, Aalto University
Featured images by: Pexels. Credits: Chris Economou